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SOCAR Energy Georgia, Ltd has been founded in compliance with the Law on Entrepreneurs adopted on October 28, 1994. The company was established by uniting partners' possessions on share basis.
In Georgian: სოკარ ენერჯი ჯორჯია
In English: SOCAR Energy Georgia.
The company is a legal entity. It obtained the rights of a legal entity after registration by the established rule at commercial register at the tax inspectorate.
The company was established without the expiration date.
Legal address of the company: 300 Aragveli Str. 24, Tbilisi, Georgia
The economic year of the company coincides with the calendar year except the first year which begins from the day of the company's state registration and ends on December 31 of state registration year.

The founders of the company include: 

  • State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) ;
  • İntersun Holding FZCO ;
  • Eventus General Holding FZE ;

The company is aimed at gaining profit.

The company carries out the following activities:

  • Purchasing and developing Kulevi (Georgia) Port and Terminal ("project");
  • Producing, processing and selling oil products;
  • Import- export of oil products;
  • Arrangement and operation of petrol stations;
  • Arrangement and operation of gas stations;
  • Trading, purchasing and brokerage, import and export operations, arrangement of retail and bulk shops and trading, arrangement and operation of exhibitions, markets, auctions, catering centers, storage and transportation sector.
  • Organization of barter trade and bulk sale;
  • Production and selling;
  • Service;
  • Attracting local as well as foreign funds - investments for financing important projects;
  • Banking, exchange activities;
  • Quality control of any goods, raw materials and equipment;
  • Organization of filing customs declarations for cargo;
  • Proceeding of construction works;
  • Architectural activity;
  • Proceeding of planning, restoration, designing, restoration, drainage and communication works;
  • Production, purchasing, selling, export-import of construction materials;
  • Operations connected with the real estate, selling and purchase;
  • Cadastral measuring of land;
  • Performing of works for drawing up the land certificate;
  • Performing of works connected to legal and technical aspects of land resources;
  • Attracting and implementation of investments;
  • Consultation about reconstruction;
  • Implementation of management programs;
  • Program of major construction;
  • Export-import of any kind of goods;
  • Environment protection techniques;
  • Monetary-credit service;
  • Creating the network of commercial brand shops;
  • Any other activities which are not forbidden by the Georgian legislation;

Any activity that requires special permission or license is performed after acquiring the appropriate right by the established rule. The company acts according to this charter, Law of Georgia on Entrepreneurs and the acting legislation of Georgia. The fixed capital of the company amounts to 1.000.000 (one million) USD. It was completely made out of the founding partners' dues by the day of the company's state registration. Founder partners' dues to the fixed capital and their shares expressed in %:

  • SOCAR's share in fixed capital amounts to 51%.
  • İntersun Holding FZCO's share in fixed capital amounts to 24.5%.
  • Eventus General Holding FZE's share in fixed capital amounts to 24.5%.

The company owns, applies and manages its own property as it considers appropriate.

The company has the right to perform any action towards its property if the activity is not illegal. The company may use its property for any economic and other activities which are not legally forbidden:

The company creates its property with the following sources:

  • The income earned in consequence of production, works, service, selling and other economic activities;
  • The income earned as a result of operations connected with securities;
  • Bank credits, other loans and investments;
  • Charitable donations as well as donations of organizations, enterprises and citizens;
  • Partners' dues to the fixed capital;
  • Other sources of income which are not legally forbidden.

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300 Aragveli Str. 24, Tbilisi, Georgia

Tel:  (+995 32) 2 439 275 / 2 439 777

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