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SOCAR Energy Georgia, Ltd has founded several enterprises, each operating in different spheres but all are cohesive and unified.

 SOCAR Georgia Petroleum

SOCAR Georgia Petroleum, Ltd is an affiliate of State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic - SOCAR Energy Georgia, Ltd.
SOCAR Georgia Petroleum, Ltd has been at the Georgian market since September 2006. Its commodity turnover exceeds several tens of millions of USD. The company successfully imports and sells quality products.
Since 2008 the company has been developing its retail trade network. Currently 114 stations (105 Petrol stations (20 combined CNG and Petrol), 8 CNG and 1 LPG) are functioning around Georgia. By the end of 2016 the number of petrol stations will be increased up to 120. Since 2009 SOCAR Georgia Petroleum, Ltd began functioning with integrated coupon and card service. At present the company has more 1500 employees.  The total amount paid by SOCAR Georgia Petroleum, Ltd to the state budget of Georgia in 2006-2013 equaled 1 123 824 431.00 GEL.

miniloqo SOCAR Georgia Gas             

SOCAR Georgia Gas, Ltd
is the daughter company of SOCAR Energy Georgia, Ltd (which is established by State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic). SOCAR Georgia Gas, Ltd was established in June, 2007 at the internal market of Georgia's natural gas. The company participated in and won the tender announced by the Ministry of Economic Development of Georgia about privatization of gas distribution companies which were the property of the state (president's decree 306 of May 13, 2008). After going through all the steps envisaged by the legislation, SOCAR Georgia Gas, Ltd (SGG) is required to distribute gas and responsible for gasification of 30 regions, such as Kakheti, Mtskheta-Mtianeti, Inner and Lower Kartli, Ajara, Guria, Imereti, Samegrelo. At the present time more than 440 000 new users are included in the general gas network. SOCAR Georgia Gas, Ltd's total investments amount to 215 million USD dollars. At that moment more than 5300 km of new network is built. The number of workers in main staff and specialists is up to 1 500 persons.

 SOCAR Georgia Security

SOCAR Georgia Security, Ltd (SGS) is the daughter company of SOCAR Energy Georgia, Ltd. It was established on 6 August, 2007 and exists as an independent unit. There are more than 700 employees.
The main activity of SOCAR Georgia Security, Ltd (SGS) is safety and control of petrol stations, terminals, offices and objects as well as personal security. As of today more than 130 sites are under its protection.


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