About Company

SOCAR in Georgia

SOCAR Energy Georgia was founded in 2006, with core activities of import, sales and distribution of petroleum products, and import, supply and distribution of natural gas to social and commercial consumers of Georgia. During these years, SOCAR Energy Georgia has been continuously enjoying reputation of one of the largest taxpayers in the Country.

The wholesale and retail sales of oil products in Georgia is carried out by SOCAR Georgia Petroleum, operating 110 filling stations across the country, as well as 13 service centers and 4 oil terminals, and totaling over 1300 staff employed.

SOCAR Georgia Gas supplies and distributes natural gas to Georgia’s consumers, and for these purposes it operates local gas distribution networks. Along with the pipeline grid construction and rehabilitation activities, the company runs 40 service centers, and employs about 2,900 staff across the country.

SOCAR has conducted an extensive gasification program throughout Georgia. More than 12,000 kilometers of pipelines have been developed and rehabilitated in the country that allows now to supply gas to more than 300,000 new potential customers. Currently, the company serves more than 800,000 customers throughout the country.

In 2008, SOCAR acquired Kulevi Terminal on the Black Sea shore of Georgia to ship hydrocarbons to the Western markets. Since the start of its operations in 2008, more than 25 million tons of oil and oil products have been transshipped through the Terminal.

SOCAR Energy Georgia also carries out numerous social activities in Georgia, e.g. construction of schools and kindergartens, infrastructural development projects, various types of social support, such as funding of university enrollment for the ethnic Azerbaijani students’ education in Georgia, and many other projects.