On this festive day, we congratulate Azerbaijan on it's triumphant victory in the Karabakh War.

Today, as the Azerbaijani flag proudly flies over Karabakh, we pay tribute to the courage and resilience of the people, who have laid the foundation for this landmark event in the history. President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, by marking November 8th as Victory Day, has recreated a vision of unity and national pride for every Azerbaijani.

We honor the shahids who sacrificed their lives for their homeland. Their invaluable sacrifices are the foundation of peace and freedom, and we will remember every hero who made this victory today possible.

 The confirmation of the withdrawal of Armenian forces and the acknowledgment of the transition of territories under Azerbaijani control open a new chapter in the history of the entire region. Starting with the new year, as the so-called Nagorno-Karabakh ceases to exist as a self-proclaimed territory, an era of sustainable peace and prosperity shall take start in the region.

At SOCAR Energy Georgia, we feel a profound pride in the national revival of Azerbaijan and remain committed to the continued and stable development of the Azerbaijani people.