Gasification of Manglisi

The gasification of Manglisi is a truly historic event - there has never been natural gas here and as part of our government gasification plan, exactly one year ago, despite the pandemic, we started gasification of this settlement. It was quite a difficult and expensive project, however about 1,600 families received natural gas. Economy Minister Natia Turnava declared this during her visit to Manglisi, Tetritskaro Municipality, where she inspected the newly built gas pipeline.

The Manglisi settlement gasification project was implemented within the framework of the Georgian government’s three-year gasification plan. The “Georgian Gas Transportation Company” by the request of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia carried out large-scale works of inclusion in the unified gas distribution network of the resort settlement, based on the Gasification Action Plan of the Government of Georgia for 2019-2021.

As a result, 34,150 longitudinal meters of feeder and 48,180 meters of longitudinal gas pipeline needed for the network were constructed. After the completion of large-scale works, 1,558 customers living in Manglisi settlement were given the opportunity to use natural gas. The cost of the project was 11 163 418 GEL.

According to evaluation of the Minister, this is a precondition for the development of tourist facilities and the construction of new hotels in Manglisi, which has long been known as a very good country-house site, as well as a very suitable and attractive place for tourism development.

“Of course, it will be much easier to create new jobs now, because we have attracted more investment in this settlement, and therefore, I congratulate all the people of Manglisi on the completion of this very important project,”- said Natia Turnava.

Today, Natia Turnava visited the socially vulnerable family of Lali Kubatashvili, where she symbolically marked the completion of the gasification project by lighting a gas stove. „Georgian Gas Transportation Company“ presented a gas stove to the Kubatashvili family as a gift.

Shota Rekhviashvili, State Representative in Kvemo Kartli, Mikheil Shalamberidze, General Director of the Georgian Gas Transportation Company, Mahir Mammedov, General Director of SOCAR Energy Georgia, Azer Mammadov, Director of SOCAR Georgia Gas, as well as representatives of local government were acquainted with the gasification results.

Within the framework of the three-year large-scale gasification plan approved by the government in 2019-2021, in total 29 villages in the Kvemo Kartli region will be gasified, which includes 7,870 subscribers.