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messenger   Georgia's Position on Possible Purchase of Gas Pipeline Section by SOCAR Still Uncertain   14.12.2010
Georgia has purchase of a Georgian section of the main gas pipeline by Azerbaijanian "SOCAR". Georgian Deputy Foreign Minister Nino Kalandadze made the statement at a briefing yesterday.

messenger   BP to start the second stage of Shahdeniz   05.11.2010
During the meeting of Azeri President Ilham Aliev and BP vice president Andy Inglis, the starting of exploration in the second stage of the Shahdeniz natural gaz field was discuses.

georgia_today   New fund comes to easy old headache   22.10.2010
Geoturan, a new Georgian-Azeri joint fund which seeks to foster cultural and economic relations between the two countries, was festively inaugurated in Tbilisi this week. The fund promises to engage public and scientific organizations in Georgia and abroad to further strengthen bilateral ties.

georgian_times   New Gas Agreement Links Georgia to Europe via Black Sea   20.09.2010
Under the terms of the project, known as Azerbaijan, Georgia, Romania Interconnection (AGRI). Pipelines will facilitate the delivery of Azerbaijani gas to a terminal in Kulevi on Georgia's Black Sea coast, where it will be liquefied. The gas would then be transported by tankers across the Black Sea to the Romanian port of Constanta.

messenger   Azerbaijan, Georgia and Kazakhstan increase oil transportation volumes    08.09.2010
Today around ten million tones of oil per annum is transported via the Azerbaijan-Georgia transit corridor. The participants have decided to increase the volume to up to 20 million tones a year.

financial   Chevron-led venture may cut oil supply via Georgia   16.08.2010
The Chevron-led Tengizchevroil venture may cut crude deliveries via Georgia diverting them to Turkish hub of Ceyhan due to a row between the owners of the Georgian terminals, industry sources told Reuters on Thursday.

messenger   SOCAR invests over $470 million in Georgian economy   27.07.2010
Reportedlly SOCAR, wich is active in Georgia, has invested about $470 million in this country. SOCAR owns dozens of gas distribution networks in Georgia and the oil terminals in Kulevi. Azerbaijan exports its oil and gas thrpugh the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline and Baku-Tbilisi-Erzerum gas pipeline through Georgia.

bussines_week_01   Negotation are Underway with SOCAR on Construction of Five-Star Hotel in Batumi   26.07.2010
Levan Varshalomidze, chairman of the government of the Autonomous Republic of Achara, Georgia, says negotations are underway with the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (socar) on construction of five-star hotel in Batumi.

bussines_week_01   SOCAR Announces Plans for Acquaring Georgia's Main Gas Pipeline Stake   19.07.2010
The State Oil Company of Azrbaijan (SOCAR) has showed interest in acquaring a stake in Georgias's trunk gas pipeline, SOCAR Energy Georgia director general Mahir Mammedov said.

bussines_week_01   SOCAR Georgia Petroleum Expands Network of Service Centrs for Corporate Consumers   28.06.2010
Along with the network of filing stations SOCAR Georgia Petroleum has enlarged the network of coroporate consumer service centrs too. At this stage, the company manages four similar centers in Georgia, namely, in Tbilisi, Poti, the Samegrelo Region and Batumi, the Autonomous Republic of Adjara.

bussines_week_01   SOCAR Georgia Petroleum to Expand Network of Filling Stations   21.06.2010
Havnig entered the Georgian oil products market in 2006, "SOCAR Georgia Petroleum" Ltd. Has acquired the reputation of the largest taxpayer of the State Budget in oil products sector. Constatly increasing number of filling stations reflects the vigorous growth of the company.

messenger   SOCAR Black Sea terminal starts first oil transshipment   21.05.2010
SOCAR's (state Oil Company of Azerbaijan) Black Sea oil terminal in Georgia (Kulevi) has started shipping Kazakh oil from the Tengiz field.
According to Spokesperson for the terminal, "Trans-shipment of Tengiz oil has already started and by the end of the year it is planned to ship at two million tons." Oil is supplied to the terminal by rail.

georgian_times   SOCAR Imports 65.2 percent More Oil Products in March   26.04.2010
The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) increased its oil product imports to Georgia by 65.2 percent in March compared to February, SOCAR Energy Georgia says.
Imports increased from 20,100 tons to 33,200 tones. A total of 76,000 tons of oil products have so far been imported to Georgia in the first half of 2010.

messenger   Azerbaijan, Georgia and Romania to sign memorandum on gas supply 14.04.2010
Azerbaijan, Georgia and Romania signed a memorandum on cooperation in the gas sphere in Bucharest yesterday. The Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment of Romania, the Azerbaijani ministry of Industry and Energy and Ministry of Energy of Georgia were the specific signatories.

The 9th Georgian International Oil, Gas, Energy and Infrastructure Conference and Showcase GIOGIE 2010 took place at Radisson Blue Iveria Hotel in Tbilisi, The conference opened on March 24, at 09 a.m.

messenger   BP increasing its Azeri investments   11.03.2010
 On March 9th the Azeri Government endorsed the construction of a new platform for extracting oil which will be run by BP. President of SOCAR Rovnag Abdulayev and head of BP-Azerbaijan Rashid Javanshir signed the agreement on this.

messenger   Azerbaijan extracted 50 million tons of oil in 2009   01.03.2010
In 2009 Azerbaijan extracted 50.4 million tones of oil and 23.7 billion cubic meters of natural gas, in both cases more than in 2008. SOCAR President Rovnag Abdulayev has stated that by 2015 Azerbaijan will be producing up to 60 million tons of oil and 40 billion cubic meters of natural gas.

messenger   Gas Pipeline constructed ends in Lagodekhi 09.02.2010
The construction of gas pipeline in lagodekhi has been completed. The Kakheti Governor's Administration reports that gas is being anstalled in the village of Kabala. The Municipality also plants to install gas in the villages of Tsodniskari, Gelati, Ninigori, Vardisubani and Teli.

georgian_times   Georgian Government Permits Kulevi Terminal to Handle High Tonage Tankers   08.02.2010
The Marine Transport Department of the Regional Development and Infrastructure Ministry of Georgia has given official permission to the Black Sea Oil Terminal of Kulevi, in the Samegrelo Region, to handle high-tonnage AFRAMAX tankers.

financial   The Most Charitable Companies 01.02.2010
TBC Bank Contributed the highest amount of money to charity last year according ti the result of interviews carried out by by The Financial. On average 10 million GEL. Was spent on charity by leading Georgian Companies.   2 Page

georgia_today   Annual oil Awards   29.01.2010
The Union of Oil products Enterprisers, Importers and Customers held its sixth annual awards ceremony last week, honoring companies operating in the oil sector, The event recognized companies that paid the biggest amount of taxes of the Georgian state budget.

messenger   Finance Minister meets businessmens in Hotel Radisson   28.01.2010
Minister of Finance of Georgia, Kakha Baindurashvili , has met Georgian businessmen at the Hotel Radisson and discussed reforms made in the customs sector and the effect of the electronic submission of declarations which has been introduced.

georgian_times   Georgian President Asks SOCAR Management to Lower Gas Meter Installation Tariffs in Regions   18.01.2010
Tbilisi (GBC) - President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili has asked the management of the State Oil company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) to lower gas meter installation tariffs in the regions of Georgia. He made this request in the Chokhatauri District of the Guria Region, where he greeted the Old Style New Year.

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