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financial   Major FDIs in Georgia   29.12.2008
Georgia's strategic geographic location has enabled the country to attract large investments and develop its transit potential during the last decade. Over $ l billion has been invested in Georgia for the construction of two of the longest oil and gas pipelines, Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan and Baku-Tbilisi-Erzerum, transporting Caspian natural resources to Europe. Besides transport, other sectors of the economy have also attracted significant amounts of foreign capital. "PMR" Polish Research and Consulting group over-viewed Major FDIs made in Georgia last years.

"SOCAR Energy Georgia" LTD to launch construction of the oil base nearby Tbilisi in 2009    29.12.2008
State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) through its subsidiary "SOCAR Energy Georgia" LTD continues expanding its investments in Georgia,(Fineko/ reports). Subsidiary's head Mr. Mahir Mammedov said that "SOCAR Energy Georgia" LTD is ready to launch construction of the oil base nearby Tbilisi.

messenger   Kulevi Oil Terminal transport Kazakh oil   15.12.2008
It has become known that 4 million tonnes of Kazakh oil from the Tengiz Oil Field will be transported from the Georgian Kulevi Oil Terminal from February 2009.

georgian_times   Kulevi Oil Terminal receives Moody International Certificate    01.12.2008
Tbilisi (GBC). Moody International granted the Kulevi Oil Terminal (Black Sea Terminal) with ISO:9001 quality - Management Standards, ISO: 14001 - Environmental Management Standards, and OH-SAS 18011 - Health and Safety Management System certificates.

bussines_week   Government promises unchanged gas tariff for five years   24.11.2008
On Friday, the Ministry Oil Agriculture de­clined a gas tariff increase for bread producers, saying bread manufacturers received notifications be mistake. The government has also reassured retail customers oil an unchanged gas price.

georgian_times   Georgia unveils some details of Azerbaijan gas deal   24.11.2008
Civil Georgia - Georgia will buy gas from State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR), for 167 USD per 1,000 cubic meters for retail and 143 USD per 1.000 cubic meters for power generation, Mr. Alexandre Khetaguri, the Georgian Energy Minister, said on November 20.

georgian_times   Drop in oil prices allows to bargain for cheaper gas   20.11.2008
Georgia hopes to be dependent on Russian gas any longer. It managed to latch on to Azerbaijan as a long-term bulk supplier of gas starting 2009 within the framework of a 5-year contract concluded by Georgian and Azeri Presidents at the inauguration ceremony of Ilham Aliyev on September 24.

messenger   Azeri gas will take 100% of the Georgian market   17.11.2008
According to an agreement assigned on November 14, Georgia will receive gas from Azerbaijan, without any hin­drance, for the next five years.

messenger   SOCAR activity in Georgia09.10.2008
State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) is continuing its aggressive marketing policy in Georgia. Recently its daughter company "SOCAR Energy Georgia" LTD opened its 17th Georgian petrol station. By the end of this year three more stations will have been opened and by the end of 2009 their number will reach 35.

messenger   Baku-Supsa pipeline to resume functioning   17.09.2008
The Baku-Supsa pipeline will resume functioning at full capacity in a couple of days, declares SOCAR Vice-President Elshad Nasirov.

messenger   SOCAR postpones oil storage depot con­struction in Georgia   02.09.2008
Construction of a new oil storage depot in Georgia by the State Oil Company of Azer­baijan Republic (SOCAR) has been de­ferred to October due to the Georgian-Ossetian conflict, "Trend" news agency reports.

bussines_week   Over 33 regional gas distribution companies go to State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR)   07.05.2008
Tbilisi (GBC) - The Georgian Government plans lo hand over 33 regional gas distribution companies to State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR). The company is ready to pay USD 10 million for the current infrastructure and an additional USD 10 million will be spent on its rehabilitation and it will also build a new gas distribution network at a cost of USD 50 million. 

georgian_times   "SOCAR Georgia Petroleum" LTD - largest taxpayer in oil sector   21.04.2008
Since 2004, the Union of Oil Producers. Importers, and Consumers, has been conducting an annual awarding ceremony to reward the most solid taxpaying oil companies in Georgia. Since then, three companies were usually granted the award. But SOCAR's entry into Georgia in 2006 has challenged the status quo.

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