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10.10.08 Tbilisi boarding house of old people
"SOCAR Energy Georgia" LTD provided financial support for Tbilisi boarding house of old people. The company allocated 8.230 GEL for accomplishing of repair works at boarding house.
10.10.08 "SOCAR Energy Georgia" LTD assists the association "Catharsis"
Since 1989 International Humanitarian Association "Catharsis" has been providing significant assistance for socially unsecured population. At charity house any kind of social service is free for such population.
21.08.08 Joint charity of Gori City Hall and SOCAR
On August 21, 2008 the families living in villages Levitan, Kvelantubani, Tusrevi, Kvemo Boshuri, Zemo Boshuri and Bisi were provided with 11.000 GEL worth food and drugs. The action was managed by the Head of Gori City Hall, Mr. Kakha Doliashvili and the Head of Marketing and Foreign Affairs Department of "SOCAR Energy Georgia" LTD, Mr. Faig Guliyev.
17.08.08 "SOCAR Energy Georgia" LTD provided aid for 97 families in village Tedotsminda
The company provided humanitarian aid for people suffering loss as a result of august events of 2008. On 17th of August 2008, 97 families in village Tedotsminda were provided with foods and drugs by the "SOCAR Energy Georgia" LTD. More than 3.000 GEL were spent on this action.
15.08.08 "SOCAR Energy Georgia" LTD aided refugees from Tskhinvali region
"SOCAR Energy Georgia" LTD provided significant aid for refugees displaced from Tskhinvali region during the military operations. In particular, 30.000 GEL was allocated for purchasing beds, drugs, mattresses, gas cylinders and other household facilities.
23.07.08 Filling station network quickly expands in Georgia
According to Director General of LTD "SOCAR Energy Georgia", Mr. Mahir Mammedov, currently the company owns 8 petrol stations in Georgia. These petrol stations are very popular among the consumers. By the end of the year the number of petrol stations will increase up to 20. 80% of oil used at filling stations is imported from Azerbaijan Republic, as for the high octane petroleum, it can be imported from the other countries.
20.06.08 "SOCAR Energy Georgia" LTD finances the State University of Georgia
For supporting State University of Georgia the company allocated 66.000 GEL.
16.05.08 The State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic contributed 380 million USD to Georgian economy
The mentioned fact was informed by the President of the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic, Mr. Rovnag Abdullayev, during his speech on May 16 at opening ceremony of Kulevi Oil Terminal. President of Georgia, Mr. Mikheil Saakashvili declared at the opening ceremony that Kulevi Oil Terminal will encourage the mutual economic cooperation. Prime Ministers of Georgia and Azerbaijan Republic, Mr. Artur Rasi-zade and Mr. Vladimir Gurgenidze participated in opening ceremony.
25.04.08 "SOCAR" was opened first petrol station in Rustavi
As the press service of SOCAR informed the representatives of Georgian government, deputies and members of diplomatic corps participated in the opening ceremony. The President of State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic Mr. Rovnag Abdullayev cut the red tape and declared opening of the first petrol station in Georgia.
16.04.08 "SOCAR" aided the Sioni Charitable Foundation of Kutaisi
For reconstruction works at Bagrati cathedral in Kutaisi there was established "Sioni Charitable Foundation of Kutaisi". "SOCAR Energy Georgia" allocated 1000 GEL as a charity for the mentioned reconstruction works.

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