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11.01.10 SOCAR will continue the process of gasification in Georgia
The volume of essential investments intended for the second industrial year of realizing the three-year program of gasification of 31 gas economies of Georgia, within the use of SOCAR Georgia Gas, Ltd (Daughter Company of SOCAR Energy Georgia, Ltd) will amount to about 28 million dollars. Within the framework of the first industrial year the volume of investments amounts to 23 million dollars out of which around 15-16 million has already been utilized. The remaining part of investments is at the stage of being utilized at the moment.
11.01.10 In 2009 SOCAR supplied more than 800 million cubic meters of “social” gas at the Georgian market
In 2009 SOCAR Gas Supply, Ltd (daughter enterprise of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic) supplied to Georgia more than 800 million cubic meters of "social gas". From the total amount of gas supplied at the Georgian market, about 302 million cubic meters of gas were provided by private gas companies of SOCAR, around 358 million cubic meters by a Shah Denis deposit (both bought by Georgia and handed to it in the form of payment for transit through South-Caucasus oil pipeline), the remaining 160 million cubic meters fell on gas, sent to Georgia from the Russian side for transit operations.
09.01.10 SOCAR named the volume of commercial gas sold in Georgia
In 2009 SOCAR Georgia Gas, Ltd (Daughter Company of SOCAR Energy Georgia, Ltd) sold about 140 million cubic meters of commercial gas at the Georgian market. In November 2008, the agreement was signed between Azerbaijan and Georgia which created the possibility for activating SOCAR activities at the Georgian gas market during the following five years, starting from 2009. According to the memorandum, for implementing the project SOCAR created a daughter enterprise SOCAR Georgia Gas, Ltd which supplies Georgian users with gas.
09.01.10 SOCAR will increase sales of oil products at the Georgian market in 2010
In 2010 SOCAR is planning to sell 415 thousand tons of oil products at the Georgian market compared to more than 406 thousand tons in 2009 out of which about 45 % is allocated to petrol.
08.01.10 In 2011 SOCAR will finish construction of a large site in Georgia
In the middle of 2011 SOCAR (State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic) is planning to finish construction of the oil base in Georgia. The oil base will be placed at the Kiziki street near Tbilisi international airport. In 2008 the company purchased five hectares of land worth three million dollars for implementing the construction.
30.12.09 The opening ceremony of gas distribution system in Kareli
Within the framework of the agreement signed between the Ministry of Economic Development of Georgia and SOCAR Georgia Gas, Ltd the company carries out significant activities in respect with constructing new gas pipelines and rehabilitating existing networks in various regions of Georgia.
30.12.09 The day of solidarity of Azeris of the world
On December 30 of the current year the deputy of the Milli Mejliss Mrs. Ganira Pashayeva came to Georgia with a working visit. The aim of the visit was to participate in the measure dedicated to the day of solidarity of Azeris of the world. It was organized by the cultural centre of Azeris in Georgia with active participation of the regional manager of the representation of SOCAR in Georgia Mr. Arif Alijev.
30.12.09 SOCAR awarded the best employees of the company
Less than two years have passed since the opening of the first SOCAR petrol station. During this period it has become a tradition of the holding to award the best employees of the company. On December 29 a corporate event was held in restaurant "Bermukha" where official award of nominees was held for the second time. They were given digital cameras and a 10 % salary increase during the year as the prize.
28.12.09 The day of solidarity of Azeris of the world was celebrated in Tbilisi
December 31 - on the day of solidarity of Azeris of the world a festive reception was held in Tbilisi with the initiative and coordination of the embassy of Azerbaijan Republic in Georgia under the management and support of the representation of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic in Georgia (SOCAR).
25.12.09 The first playoff of SOCAR Georgia Petroleum,Ltd
On December, 25th the first drawing has been spent at SOCAR Georgia Petroleum, Ltd Service Centre, in which were participated as corporate so individual clients of the company . The members of commission observed the draw, in particular, the chairman of committee, the representative of the Ministry Finance-Teona Shiukashvili, the Manager of project Shota Gelantia and the representative of SOCAR Georgia Petroleum,Ltd Shota Khundadze.

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