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30.12.10 SOCAR opened 7 new petrol stations in Georgia
SOCAR Georgia Petroleum, Ltd opened 7 new petrol stations in Georgia, namely, Tbilisi, Kharagauli region, Ianeti village of Samtredia region, Tsnori village of Signagi region, Khelvachauri region of Ajara, villages Pakhrali and Kapenekchi, Bolnisi region and Gabal village of Lagodekhi region.
30.12.10 SOCAR gave New Year gifts to its partners and best employees
On December 29 SOCAR Energy Georgia, Ltd organized a New Year party for its corporate consumers and employees at Retro Club Triumph. Paata Andriadze band offered music entertainment. Singers Giorgi Sukhitashvili, Meriko Endalidze and Sopho Toroshelidze presented their new program to the guests.
30.12.10 SOCAR organized a draw of the third car
SOCAR Georgia Petroleum, Ltd offered its consumers encouraging draws throughout the whole year. At the festive evening organized on December 29, the company made a draw of the third car. As a result of the encouraging draw of SOCAR 18 lucky consumers were identified.
29.12.10 SOCAR announced its investment plans in Georgia in 2011
Investments of company SOCAR in Georgia will exceed 50 million dollars in 2011. At present SOCAR is carrying out active work at the Georgian market in respect with construction of the petrol station and activities within the scope of the program of gasification of 21 economies in Georgia.
29.12.10 In 2010 SOCAR invested more than $ 22 million in the oil sector of Georgia
The most volume of investments in the economy of Georgia in the oil sector was made by company SOCAR in 2010, states the union of importers of oil products of Georgia. The volume of investments of SOCAR amounts to 40 million laris. Then follow such famous Georgian companies as "Wissol Petroleum Georgia" (20 million laris), company "Rompetrol" and Russian "Lukoil".
27.12.10 SOCAR will appear at the markets of China and the USA
Next year the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) is planning to seriously diversify its marketing/selling activities and open new oil sale markets. Azerbaijan is seriously interested in appearing at the Chinese market which today is one of the most capacious markets.
27.12.10 SOCAR handed the sixth petrol station in Azerbaijan for operation
On Monday company SOCAR handed for operation its sixth petrol station in Azerbaijan. The new petrol station is situated in Baku at the Zikh highway. Head of the company Mr.Rovnag Abdullayev took part in the opening ceremony. Overall, SOCAR is planning to open 26-30 petrol stations throughout Azerbaijan.
25.12.10 SOCAR is awarded a prize “Golden Parchment” in Georgia
SOCAR is awarded a prize "Golden Parchment" in nomination "A Foreign Company of the Year" in Georgia. With the view of determining the winners of 11 nominations 2600 respondents were awarded with the award "Golden Parchment" in the nomination "A Foreign Company of the Year" in Georgia.
23.12.10 SOCAR Georgia Gas, Ltd provided the Georgian village Duzagrama with gas
Within the framework of the presidential program "Gas in all Villages", company SOCAR Georgia Gas, Ltd finished provision of the Duzagrama village of Sagarejo region of Georgia with gas. Within the project scope construction of the 11-km gas pipeline was implemented for which 528157 laris were spent.
22.12.10 SOCAR Georgia Gas implements Leak Reduction project within the framework of “Kyoto Protocol”
Within the framework of the "Kyoto Protocol" to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), "SOCAR Georgia Gas" in cooperation with its partners, is implementing project of Leak Reduction in Above Ground Gas Distribution Equipment in company's gas distribution system.

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