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22.03.11 President of Georgia visited Marneuli within the framework of the Muslim holiday Novruz Bayram
President of Georgia Mr.Mikheil Saakashvili visited Marneuli within the framework of the Muslim holiday Novruz Bayram. Director General of SOCAR Energy Georgia, Ltd Mr. Mahir Mammedov informed president Saakashvili about the developments in construction work which is implemented by company SOCAR. To be more specific, this is the project of MacDonald's McDrive. As it is known, according to the agreement, McDrives will be opened at 5 petrol stations of SOCAR in Georgia.
23.02.11 SOCAR holds reception in London
Traditional International Petroleum (IP) Week is held in the capital of the UK - in London these days. Petroleum Week is organized by Britain Energy Institute. Leading experts of the world oil and gas industry assemble in London to discuss the urgent questions of this sphere and get acquainted with advanced achievements and new technologies.
14.02.11 Fuel of company SOCAR in Georgia fully meets all accepted standards
"Monitoring", the oil products certification body in Georgia, carried out inspection and certification of the quality of petrol and diesel fuel imported by company SOCAR Georgia Petroleum, Ltd from Azerbaijan. During inspection, it was stated that both products fully meet the accepted standards in Georgia.
26.01.11 SOCAR Georgia Petroleum, Ltd was named the largest taxpayer of 2010
The union of producers, importers and consumers of oil products of Georgia identified the largest taxpayer in the oil products sector. Respectively, on January 26 of the current year the award ceremony was held in Radisson Blu Iveria. This is the seventh similar event organized with the initiative of the mentioned union. Winners were evaluated according to the best indicators of 2010.
25.01.11 SOCAR Georgia Gas provides Poti with gas
In respect with finalizing the construction of the first section of the gas pipeline along Chavchavadze street in Poti, on January 24, 2011 company SOCAR Georgia Gas, Ltd held the ceremony of its opening. The gas pipeline which is 6.8 kilometers long includes 9 residential areas and the private sector, which will allow 707 potential subscribers to be connected to the gas system.
14.01.11 Signing the memorandum between SOCAR Energy Georgia, Ltd and T&K RESTAURANT, Ltd
On January 14, 2011 the memorandum of cooperation was signed between SOCAR Energy Georgia, Ltd and T&K RESTAURANT, Ltd, which envisages opening a McDonald's restaurant at 5 petrol stations of SOCAR Georgia Petroleum, Ltd in Tbilisi, Batumi, Telavi and Marneuli.
04.01.11 SOCAR supplied 13 streets of the Georgian city Abasha with gas
Within the framework of the presidential program "Gas in All Villages", company SOCAR Georgia Gas, Ltd finalized supplying 13 streets of Abasha city with gas (Samagrelo region, west Georgia).
30.12.10 SOCAR Energy Georgia will develop Georgian football
Company SOCAR Energy Georgia, Ltd became a General Sponsor of the Football Federation of Georgia. The agreement about it was signed by the head of the company Mr.Mahir Mammedov and the president of the Football Federation of Georgia Mr. Zviad Sichinava.
30.12.10 The laboratory of central calibration was established in the Kulevi oil terminal of SOCAR
Company SOCAR is implementing the program of improving the quality and scope of meteorological provision of Kulevi terminal in Georgia. With the view of meteorological provision of the integrity of measurements and measuring equipment the laboratory of central calibration has been established. In December 2010 the Black Sea terminal got all the necessary things for calibrating gas analyzers of the equipment.
30.12.10 Azerbaijan is a significant guarantee of energy security of Georgia
Azerbaijan is a significant guarantee of energy security of Georgia, stated prime minister of Georgia Mr.Nika Gilauri at the final press conference today. "Azerbaijan is one of the main strategic partners of Georgia, especially, in the sphere of providing energy security of the country. It is the main supplier of gas and other energy carriers to Georgia with which it promotes stability of our country to a large extent", stated Mr. Gilauri.

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