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08.09.12 The day of workers of oil and gas industry
In September of the current year the day of workers of oil and gas extracting industry in Georgia was festively celebrated. It was organized by professional unions with the participation of organizations belonging to professional unions. The event was held in restaurant "Abkhazeti".
16.08.12 SOCAR signed the memorandum about developing the Kvemo Kartli region
The regional administration of the region of Kvemo Kartli of Georgia settled with Azeri population and SOCAR (State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic) signed a memorandum of cooperation on Thursday. The document was signed in Rustavi by the governor of this Georgian region Mr.David Kirkitadze and President of SOCAR Mr.Rovnag Abdullayev who visited the city of Rustavi.
08.08.12 SOCAR is acquiring 26 petrol stations and the oil base in Ukraine
"SOCAR Energy Ukraine" Ltd (being the managing company of the group of ventures SOCAR Ukraine) will acquire 26 petrol stations and the oil base of the joint-stock company "Atikva Estate" which owns part of the business assets of the group "Kalina".
03.08.12 SOCAR commissioned its next petrol stations in the Ukraine
The joint-stock company "Western Fuel Group" (managing the network of petrol stations of SOCAR in the western part of Ukraine) commissioned three new petrol station complexes under the brand of company SOCAR (State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic) in the Lviov region.
03.08.12 The volumes of trans-shipping the cargo through the Kulevi Oil Terminal of SOCAR have been made public
In the first half of the year, the Kulevi oil terminal of company SOCAR (State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic) trans-shipped 1.5 million tons of oil cargo which is practically similar to the indicator of the respective period of the last year.
20.07.12 Azerbaijan will start trans-shipment of chemical products through the terminal in Georgia
According to forecasts, the monthly capacity of trans-shipping chemical products through the Kulevi oil terminal of company SOCAR (State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic) will amount to about four thousand tons. The given process will be possible owing to a new complex for trans-shipping propylene situated in the Kulevi oil terminal. On annual basis this indicator will amount to about 50 thousand tons.
21.06.12 SOCAR opens gas pipeline in Khashuri
On June 21, 2012 company SOCAR Georgia Gas, Ltd was holding the ceremony of opening the gas pipeline in village Zemo Osiauri, Khashuri region. The gas pipeline with the length of 7.3 kilometers will enable 260 potential subscribers to get connected to the gas network.
18.06.12 The 60-year anniversary of the poet, translator and the public figure living in Azerbaijan Ana Bartkulashvili was festively celebrated in Baku
Ana Batkulashvili, the Georgian woman living in Baku was awarded with an honorary medal called "A Loving Mother" for making her contribution in the enhancement of cultural relations between Georgia and Azerbaijan.
03.05.12 03.05.2012 Advancement of SOCAR at the market of oil products in Georgia continues
Every new petrol station under the brand of SOCAR is new multi-thousand investment for the country as well as additional place for employment. With the view of achieving the set goals, SOCAR opened another petrol station in Lanchkhuti (Guria region) which is the 94th station throughout Georgia.
08.04.12 08.04.2012 SOCAR Energy Georgia, Ltd Sponsored the concert of Valeri Meladze in Tbilisi
SOCAR Energy Georgia, Ltd sponsored the concert of the famous singer Valeri Meladze for whom it was the first time in the last 15 years to sing at the concert in Tbilisi. The concert was held at the large concert hall of philharmonic. All the tickets were sold in advance. The concert lasted for almost 2 hours under the ovations of spectators.

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