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07.12.13 Gas pipeline in village Kolagi of Gurjaani region.

 On December 6, 2013 Minister of Energy of Georgia Mr.Kakhi Kaladze, first deputy director of SOCAR Georgia Gas, Ltd A. Samsonidze took part in the measure dedicated to putting into operation the new gas network in village Kolagi of Gurjaani region, constructed by the company SOCAR Georgia Gas, Ltd.
The gas pipeline with the length of 13 kilometers has been constructed in Kolagi and 380 subscribers have been provided with gas. It is worth noting that as of today providing Gurjaani and 9 villages with gas has been finalized in the Gurjaani region. Besides, 144 kilometers of gas network have been laid and 7000 households have been provided with gas.
Overall, in Kakheti region 913 kilometers of gas pipelines have been constructed which allowed 39 500 subscribers to get connected to gas networks. 127 kilometers of gas pipelines will be handed for operation and 1500 subscribers provided with gas by the end of the current year. At present, 44 000 subscribers get natural gas in Kakheti, including, 6400 ones within the social program envisaging gradual payment, for being connected to gas network within the amount of 25 laris.
In 2009-2013 company SOCAR Georgia Gas, Ltd already constructed 3663 kilometers of gas networks throughout the country and 185 000 subscribers have been provided with gas. By the end of the current year 568 more kilometers of gas pipeline will be handed for operation and more than 20 000 subscribers will be provided with gas.
Company SOCAR Georgia Gas, Ltd being the daughter organization of SOCAR Energy Georgia, Ltd was established in August 2007 for taking part at the market of supplying natural gas. The company carries out its import and sale to commercial and social users as well as construction of new gas pipelines and rehabilitation of existing ones in the settled areas of various regions of Georgia.


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